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terms and conditions

1. RENTER'S AGE: The drivers must be at least 23 years old, while for cars of categories E, E1, E2, E3, F, F1, G1, J2, J3, J4, J5, J6, J7, N1, P & Q should be at least 25 years. The driver's license must be valid and issued at least 12 months before.


2. MINIMUM rental period is one day.


3. TRAFFIC FINES: Tickets and attached administrative sanctions, resulting from any violation of the Greek Traffic Law during rental period, burden the renter.


4. DEPOSITS: The calculated price must be paid in advance.


5. INSURANCE for Rent a Car: Best Cars Rental's clients are covered by following insurance: Body injury up to 750.000€, property damage up to 750.000€, fire, theft up to 20.000€, glass damage , property damage by uninsured car and , legal security insurance of the vehicle, driver and owner up to 20.000€ in every case.


Personal accident insurance of driver/owner: In case of death , total/partial permanent disablement, medical cost ,daily hospital's grant up to 30.000€. The car insurance only covers damage that occurs during normal use of the vehicle. Therefore, Best Cars Rental will not pay: if the driver of the insured car is under the influence of alcohol , medicine or drugs according to the rules of article 42 of the Greek Traffic Law 2696/99 and if the driver doesn't have any suitable driving licence for the vehicle he uses, if the accident happens due to malice prepense of the insured, the driver or the owner of the car, if anyone else except the persons who are listed in the rental agreement drives the vehicle, or the rental contract is expired and the vehicle has not been returned to Best Cars Rental. Violations of the Greek Traffic Law are not covered. Furthermore, the insurance does not cover damages of tires or underneath parts of the car, if they result from malicious or extremely negligent actions e.g. off road use, curbstone crash e.t.c.


The rented car must not be used for:

  • Transportation of passengers, objects for fare.
  • Towing away or hauling other vehicles or objects.
  • Staging of car races generally.
  • Rent or lent to third parties.
  • Transportation of heavy luggage above the load limit.
  • Transportation of inflammable, contaminating or odorous materials or drugs and as a mean to act against customs regulations, traffic rules or other legal provisions.


6. WHEELS AND TYRES INSURANCE: Is an extra optional insurance and covers damage to the wheels/tires and the underside of the car. The driver must drive the vehicle only in roads suitable for the selected car. This mean NO Off road driving, only on asphalt roads!

For categories A, B, C, C1, K, L, O, O1 the cost is 4€ per day

For categories D, D1, E, J1, M, N the cost is 6€ per day

For categories E1, E2, E3, F, F1, G1, J2, J3, J4, J5, J6, J7, N1, P, Q the cost is 8€ per day


7. GASOLINE: Renter pays for gasoline consumed during the rental .If the customer returns the car with less gasoline in the tank than the initial amount, there will be a charge of the missing gasoline.


8. FERRYING THE CAR: Only with written agreement of Best Cars Rental.


9. AVAILABILITY: Car models are according to original planning delivery. Problems, however, may compel us supply another vehicle in exceptional cases.


10.NOTE: Should the car be returned before the rental period expires, the renter will not be reimbursed for the remaining period.


11.CANCELATION POLICY & DEPOSITS: You can cancel your reservation 7 days before the pick up date and in that case there is no cancellation fee. For late cancelations later than 7 days before your pick-up date , your deposit amount is not refundable.


For credit card payments Best Cars Rental is working with two of the most established banks of Greece ALPHA BANK (https://www.alpha.gr) & Greece Eurobank (https://www.eurobank.gr). All credit card payments are processed through VISA verified Secure Socket Layer ("SSL"). SSL encrypts your personal information and passwords. Your credit card details will not be stored and are available only to you and the credit card providers.


All these terms are valid after the signature of the rental agreement.